Wat San Chao River Market

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   Wat San Chao River Market is strategically located in Ban Klang sub-district, Mueang district of Pathum Thani province. This small-but-stunning market has been renowned for its riverside scenery for several years. The special highlight of the market is an ancient noodle restaurant famously known as “Mr. Thongsuk”, specializing in pork noodle menus with unique tastes and superb ingredients.

   Due to the economic crisis in 1997, many unemployed people wanted to earn an affordable living and decided to open roadside food shops and stalls around Wat San Chao. Despite being a few food vendors, the tastes of their recommended menus are second-to-none. The abbot of Wat San Chao is enshrined within a 3-storey assembly hall designed in Chinese style. Apart from the allure of dining menus, especially the pork noodles, tourists can individually indulge themselves in the ambience of local enjoyment, with several fun-filled activities including worshipping of the sacred shrine and Buddha image, fish feeding, shopping and more.